Avocet Nature Services
A bit about Geoff: Geoff’s
interest in nature began as
he wandered through the
woods and countryside
near his Canadian home at
Petawawa, learning about
nature first hand. From the
time he went to university
to study wildlife to when he
worked for Parks Canada
and the Ontario Ministry of
the Environment, he has
dedicated his life to
protecting and studying
wild things – be they birds,
mammals, insects or plants.
After his retirement from
the government in 2006,
Geoff headed off on a new
career path, where he put
his life long studies to work
– he became an expedition
and interpretive guide. He
has led numerous trips to
Antarctica, Svalbard, Russia
and Alaska, Cuba, Taiwan,
Colombia, Venezuela and
Borneo. A prolific author,
Geoff wrote a book on
mammals and another on
Antarctica (see Antarctica -
First Journey tab on this
website), is widely
published in nature
magazines and newspapers.

Specializing in both tropical
and polar environs, he has
travelled the world, visiting
over 75 countries on all
seven continents, where he
has shared time with polar
bears, Amazonian snakes
and piranhas, observed the
private lives of lions,
avoided riots in Venezuela,
hiked the Andes, camped
with Pademelons, walked
with penguins and canoed
Ontario’s northern lakes.
Upcoming trips
Join me in Colombia in January 2018!
Come with me as I revisit my incredible 2016 adventure
during which we found over 550 species of birds! I've
re-designed the itinerary this year so that it keeps the best
of last year's trip and makes this year's trip even better!
Click on this link below for more information.
Black-throated Mango
Tropical Screech-owl
Crowned Woodnymph
Blue-and-Yellow Macaw
Black-capped Tanager
I'm going to West Papua in November
with Birding Ecotours to look for Birds of
Paradise. 11 species of BoP are on our
hit list. This trip is amazing as it is roughly
half the price of other company's trips to
Papua New Guinea. Over 320 endemics
and myriad butterflies, mammals and
herps will make this trip unforgettable!
Here's a link for more information.

November 16-27, 2017
Only two spaces left! -
Book now ...
West Papua - Birding Eco-tours
Colombia 2018
West Papua 2017
Coming Soon & In the Works
Brehm's Tiger Parrot
Colombia 2018 - Itineraryyy
Only two
spaces left
on this
amazing tour!